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    The challenges of electronic commerce:



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    The challenges of electronic commerce:

    مُساهمة  Admin في الثلاثاء أبريل 13, 2010 11:09 pm

    [The challenges of electronic commerce:

    Despite the great development has reached e-commerce, that significant challenges must challenge their knowledge and this accurately;

    2 .1 level of technological development and use of communication networks and information:
    Participation in e-commerce need to structure large and sophisticated information, whether at the level of networking at the level of mechanization of work and tasks.

    2 .2 the need for flexibility and efficiency of producers and products: e-commerce to make markets more open and effective, and it was investigating the possibility of transformation of local or regional markets to global markets has put companies and enterprises under the constant pressure in order to achieve

    Greater flexibility to adapt with a change in consumer desires.
    Speed of response for companies and consumers.
    Shorten the life cycle of the product.
    And there is more transparency Ballenbsp markets.

    2 .3 global competition until
    In the local market: e-commerce has opened the door for the performance of cross-border business and regional
    Consequently, the competition to become the global level.

    2 .4 easily has the traditional consumer: e-commerce opens the door to the consumer of the commodity or service required from any place and on the basis of competitive and could thus lose some of the national institutions of many traditional consumers because of fierce competition.

    2 .5 the need for an appropriate environment for the growth and prosperity of e-commerce: e-commerce is linked to the growth and prosperity of the availability of a stimulating environment for this and include
    The following elements:
    * Legislative and legal environment responsive to the needs of electronic commerce
    * Financial environment suitable for electronic payment methods and Usage
    Intensive modern methods of payment.

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